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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Over the years, the safety of Paxil has been questioned

InterAction.org.ua reports that JB's mother was prescribed the antidepressant Paxil during her first trimester, by her physician who was unaware of any contraindication related to pregnancy. The pregnancy proceeded without incident and JB was delivered at full term.
After leaving the hospital the child began to experience problems and was eventually referred toa pediatric cardiologist. An echocardiogram was performed and the parrents were informed that baby JB had a number of cardiac deformities including severe aoritic stenosis, coarctation of the aortic valve and mitral stenosis.

Now five years old baby JB has been scheduled for a another heart operation and is likely to have many more before he graduates elementary school.
Over the years, the safety of Paxil has been questioned.
The preliminary study and it follow up are available on the http://InterAction.org.ua website.
Hundreds of cases have been filed against ..... claiming that children were born with significant congenital cardiac abnormalities after there mothers used Paxil during pregnancy. The first trial is expected to take place this winter.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The history of the struggle overweight totals Millennium

Specialists-dieticians say that everything from attention diet created quite a long time, because the passion diet is a phenomenon which has a history of several thousand years. LookInfo.org.ua Internet resource to the attention of readers just some confirming this fact. Strict diet(phentermine ingredient) consisting exclusively of grains of wheat and fruit trees, is described in ancient Egyptian papyrus, which at the time of occurrence of light goes back to 1550 BC Most likely, such a diet ancient healers tractor while diabetics.
Needless impressive weight Wilhelm-led Conqueror that in 1078 it could not withstand no horse. Reset the excessive weight(phentermine canada), he decided, sowing a rather funny diet, which included the complete exclusion of the food ration absolutely everything except beer and wine. In doing so, Wilhelm followed such a diet while in the supine position.
In preacher in 1830 Sylvester Graham for a fresh interprets the problem of obesity. He argued that obesity is a God's retribution, which imposes upon the Creator sinner for excessive meet their food needs(bontril phentermine yellow).
Between the years 1870 -1890 chemists introduced in the use of terms such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In addition, while there such a thing as calorie food.

In 1879 a year into the world sugarless, which is designed to replace the normal sugar in the diet. Together with him in a number of funds intended for weight loss, but were included arsenic and strychnine.

In 1917, was released in the light of the book "Diet and Health". This work on their pages contain a description of the first system counting calories.

And for sweets. In 1948, the restaurant was opened first world famous "McDonald's" network, which today is almost synonymous with excessive weight and is not very useful food.